You are currently viewing Information About Telecom Spectrum Bandwidth and Broadband

Information About Telecom Spectrum Bandwidth and Broadband

Information About Telecom Spectrum Bandwidth and Broadband

Written by: John Pate

Detail information about telecommunication new terminology spectrum, bandwidth, 5g, frequency. Different between bandwith and broadband and how spectume are used.

Worldwide 5g network upgrade is going on. Many places auction of 5g spectrum band is carried on. Now for telecommunication industries spectrum, bandwidth, broadband, frequency, 5G, 4G and 4G LTE are new terminology used. We all have mobile or gadgets which use wireless communication. So this article is to guide you many important terms for mobile network and telecommunication.

Spectrum related to radio frequency which is provided by satellite for communication. Most of the mobile and other wireless communication use spectrum band. Spectrum is key factor for high speed communication and more wider area network coverage. Most of the gsm, cdma cellular network use air communication via spectrum band. 5G spectrum band use high frequency band. So it has more speed, more communication channel and more wider area coverage.

It is said that 5g mobile wireless network will have speed 50 times higher than 4g network. Many test carrier out and most of test has achieved 2 Gbps to 20 Gbps speed. This is in comparison to 4g and 3g network. 4G networks have maximum 100 Mbps speed while 4g LTE has achieved 1 Gbps speed. In future we will see 6G mobile network. Still standard for 6G are under development.

Digital TV and Mobile Cable network or DTH direct to home also use spectrum band. Army radar are also using spectrum band. Radar use high frequency spectrum band which is in range of 2.7 GHz. 5G mobile network also use spectrum band above 2.6 GHz. Which can unlock many scope for mobile industries. Smart homes, smart cities and smart industries are developed on utilization of high frequency 5G spectrum band which in range of 24 GHz and above.

Bandwidth is the speed of transmission for internet or wireless network. For example when we say we have high speed 1 Gbps network. This is bandwidth. Bandwidth is measured by amount of data transferred within particular time limit. Digital communication use bandwidth as speed measure for example Bit per second and Byte per second. 1 Byte means 8 bits. In analog communication, it is frequency which decides the speed. Like when we say 1 MHz speed that means 1 mega cycles per second the actual speed.

MODEM : model is modulation and de modulation. Modem is used to convert digital to analog signal and analog to digital signal. For example our mobile is kind of modem. What we see on mobile is digital but data received by mobile are analog. Which then converted to digital so that we can understand. For mobile unlock, you need baseband modem version. Then find appropriate firmware which compatible with modem version. Then flash firmware to mobile and mobile will sim unlocked. You do not need imei unlock code.

Bandwidth has many range of frequency. I am giving you one example to understand spectrum, bandwidth and their co- assistance frequency. Highway road is having 8 lanes, Four outgoing and four incoming. And there is two bridge one over another. One bridge has 10 lanes and other bridge has 12 lanes. Now highway road suggest maximum bandwidth of 8 and it has 8 frequency ranges. Now bridge suggests another spectrum band which has 10 or 12 lanes. So more transfer rate, bandwidth and more wider carrier network area coverage. This also allows more transfer rate.

Different between broadband and bandwidth.

Broadband is term used for wired internet high speed connection. It is a mixer of fiber optic cables and coaxial cable. Normally at present most of the broadband have 100 Mbps speed. Mbps stand for Mega Bit per second. There are standard set by telecommunication authority for broadband. Few year backs it is necessary that minimum download speed of broadband is 25 to 30 Mbps and upload speed is at least 5 To 7 Mbps.

Bandwidth is the maximum speed offer to individual broad band connection. When you purchase internet connection from Verizon, At&t, cable one they will offer different bandwidth plan. At present up to 2 Gbps plans are available. Even you can connect wireless router for high speed broadband connection. Verizon has started wireless hub for 5g network services.

Spectrums are natural resources. Which generate so much revenue for government. Which strengthen economy and also used in development of rural area. USA, UK, Russia, China have already auctioned 5G spectrum band and many places 5g service are available for mobile. Huawei, Samsung, LGFree Web Content, Motorola have already launched sim network unlocked 5g Mobile and in October Google pixel 5g mobile will be available.

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