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A Closer Look At High-Speed Internet

A Closer Look At High-Speed Internet

Written by: Curt Stelter

FiOS, broadband, Satellite and DSL… When your searching for internet service, what should you be looking for?

Your first instinct might be to select a high-speed internet service on price alone. And that may work out just fine; everyone loves a good deal. In some cases, choosing one plan over another will save you a lot of money (which is why bundles have become so popular in everything from Internet to car insurance). Without worrying about the price, which type of internet service is the smartest choice?

Satellite Internet Service

Weather you’re living off the grid or just outside a metropolitan area, your most reliable internet connection is likely to come from a Satellite internet provider. With speeds typically between 5-10mbps, Satellite ISP’s can be an excellent option for most web operations. However, there is always a lag with satellite communications as data is bounced between the earth and the satellite in question. This delay is no different for internet or TV service, which makes this type of connection less desirable for folks interested in online gaming.

FiOS – Fiber Optic Internet Service

As we’ve recently discussed, FiOS is the best choice for speed and reliability. The only problem is that it may not be available in your area. Frontier is among a handful of companies working to increase the footprint of fiber optic networks across the nation. Download speeds over fiber  can be as high as 50 Mbps! Which is a great deal more than most families can make a dent in.

Click here to find out if Frontier FiOS is available in your area.

Cable Broadband Internet Service

If you live in or near a big city, chances are you’re able to get your internet via cable. DSL may be available as well, but cable’s faster speed makes it an easy choice in most situations. More than likely, a cable connection is going to be perfect for most people, even those with large data requirements (i.e. teenagers). You’ll have no problem streaming movies and television, playing video games or connecting multiple devices. Cable download speed can vary by plan and time of day, but Frontier offers service up to 24 Mbps.

When Is DSL The Right Choice?

DSL won’t get you the fastest speeds, but it may be the be choice available. DSL relies on a home phone line. Most people can expect to see download speeds up to about 8 Mbps. If you have a choice that includes cable broadband or FiOS, you’ll probably want to avoid DSL. For some people, particularly in rural areas, DSL will likely be the fastest option. Don’t discount DSL just yet though, depending on where you live, your DSL service might be just as fast as broadband cable internet.

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